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Why attend?

Managing the movement and parking of vehicles is vital to ensuring the health and vitality of towns and cities. This means that parking and traffic management teams are an essential service.

The traffic and parking sector has played a central role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Towns and cities across the UK implemented an impressive range of emergency traffic and street-scene measures, including pop-up cycleways and wider pavements to make cycling and walking safer, while supporting the logistics sector in maintaining essential supplies and services were maintained

Traffic + Parking is a forum in which parking and traffic management professionals from both the public and private sectors can gather to discuss the operational issues that really matter to them, and also learn about the latest policy, legislative and technology developments from leaders in the field.


Themes for discussion include...

  • Moving traffic regulation and enforcement

  • Parking payment policy and technology

  • Digitisation of parking services

  • The role of big and open data

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • Mobility hubs

  • Kerbside management

  • Road space reallocation schemes

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

  • Clean air schemes

  • School streets

  • Regulating pavement parking

  • Residential parking

  • Consultation and public engagement

  • Blue Badges and accessible parking

  • Cycle, e-bike and e-scooter parking

  • Road user charging and workplace parking levies

  • Event parking

Who you will meet

Who you will meet

  • Local authority parking managers

  • Private sector parking contractors

  • Traffic managers

  • Road safety specialists

  • Motoring organisations

  • Logistics and delivery organisations

  • Car club operators

  • Transport consultants

  • Debt recovery agents

  • Uniform suppliers

  • Parking equipment and technology suppliers

  • Payment processing specialists

  • IT companies

  • App developers

  • Technologists

  • Town centre managers

  • Urban regeneration experts

  • Signs and lines specialists

The programme

Conference programme

Please note that the agenda is currently being programmed. Updates to follow.





Tea & coffee served in the Pioneer Room



Moving forward together

The keynote session examines the central role that traffic and parking management plays in enabling access to town and city centres, reducing congestion and keeping traffic moving.


Chair: Caroline Hamilton, Chief Adjudicator, Traffic Penalty Tribunal


People-friendly streets, active travel and the new mobility: How can we get drivers to share our journey?

Nick Ruxton Boyle, Director of Environment, Marston Holdings 


Talent and technology keep the city moving

Rob Shoebridge, Group Manager, Traffic & Transportation, Derby City Council 


Moving traffic enforcement: Where are we now?

Tina Glover, Associate Director, Project Centre


The National Persistent Evader Database 

Alan Wood, Strategic Account Director, Just




Morning break

Tea & coffee served in the Pioneer Room



Better streets

Traffic and parking teams are at the forefront of managing streets and kerbsides. This session will looks at clean air strategies, street management schemes and the smart use of data.


Chair: Joseph Burbidge, Technical Director, Project Centre 


Introducing local road management schemes: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, 20mph schemes and Controlled Parking Zones

Adam Bunce, Managing Director, 2020 Consultancy

School Streets: Lessons learned

Andrea Jones, Director of Strategic Accounts, NSL 


Mapping the kerbside

Olaseni Koya, Associate Director for Parking, Project Centre

Technology showcase

A set of presentations showcasing new technologies and services that make the management of the kerbside and parking more efficient and effective.


Chair: Sharon Silcock, Head of Business Development, ZatPark

The open market for parking payment

Andy Stott, Sales Director, RingGo


Carrier billing: Cashless payment for all

Victoria Hull, Head of Business Development, Debit My Mobile

Trends in residential parking permits

Sharon Silcock, Head of Business Development, ZatPark

Lease and fleet vehicles: Challenges and solutions

Richard Williams, Co-founder and Director, Transfer 360

Unlocking the customer journey

Matt Iveson, Commercial Manager, Sagoss Group


Helping all drivers understand the appeals process

Jason Barbour, Managing Director, Barbour Logic 





Networking lunch served in the Pioneer Room



Choose your session...


The afternoon will comprise two streams:

  • Enabling the new mobility in the Pendulum Suite

  • Traffic management for events in the Cotton Theatre




Enabling the new mobility

This session will look at local authorities and their partners in the mobility space can create an environment that supports new modes of travel and connectivity, including electric vehicles, shared cars, bike-hire and electric-scooters. In particular, the parking and electric vehicle charging infrastructure sectors are converging. This discussion will explore the systems, procedures, advantages and obstacles to connecting charging for parking and charging for charging! 


Chair: Chris Durban, Technical Director for Transport, Project Centre


Electric avenues: Rolling out EV charging in urban areas

Kieran Taylor, Lead Consultant, Electric Vehicles, Project Centre


Partnership working delivers EV infrastructure

Shamala Evans-Gadgil, Senior Programme/Project Manager, Transport, Intrastructure and Innovation, Coventry City Council

Electric car clubs as part of the mobility mix

Keith Kelly, Head of Partnerships, Enterprise Car Club

Digitising the kerbside to unlock new mobility and decarbonised future

Dan Hubert, Founder and Chief Executive, AppyWay

Traffic management for events


Traffic and parking teams plan and manage sports and special events as well as one-off and emergency incidents. It will explore issues such as:


  • Emergency traffic order making

  • Suspensions and road closures

  • Liaising with venues and event organisers

  • Staff deployment

  • Public consultation

  • Cross departmental and multi-agency working


The keynote presentations will be by:


Lessons from the Commonwealth Games

Anjna Patel MBE, Principal Officer, Parking and Safer and Sustainable Transport Team, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council


Great North Run: Managing people and parking

Steven Foster, Team Manager, Newcastle City Council


The session will address the traffic and parking management needs of:


  • Sports fixtures

  • Major sports events

  • Annual festivals and events

  • Play streets and community events

  • Demonstrations and protests

  • Building projects

  • Emergencies and incidents




Networking reception

Drinks served at the bar.



Conference close


Speaker biographies

Please note that the agenda is currently being programmed. Updates to follow.

Screenshot 2021-11-13 at 11.07.42.png

Mark Moran

Event Programmer

& Editor, Parking Review

Mark Moran is the editor of Parking Review magazine and programmer of Traffic + Parking.

Mark has been the editor of Parking Review magazine since its launch in 1989. Besides the magazine, he launched and organises the annual British Parking Awards and a number of of other regular events.

In parallel to writing about traffic and parking, Mark is also a contributing editor to LTT, curates the Transports Responds bulletin and launched Evolution, a new digital magazine covering the emerging worlds of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and shared mobility.


Andy Stott.jpg

Andy Stott

Sales Director,


Andy Stott is the Sales Director for RingGo, the UK’s leading cashless parking solution.

Andy started his career working for British Telecom as a Senior Service Operations Solutions Manager, moving from there to NCP, where he started his wide and varied career in the parking industry as a Project Manager. 

Andy quickly progressed through a range of increasingly senior, technology related roles, to become Head of Technology and Project Management for NCP. 

From there, he moved to ADVAM, again expanding his experience, first as UK Territory Director and then Commercial Director for both the UK and Europe. 

A period as a consultant within the card payments industry was followed by his current role at RingGo, where he heads up a team of ten Business Development and Account Managers, looking after the 200+ local authority, private and rail operator customers, as well as prospects nationwide.


Richard Williams.jpg

Richard Williams



Transfer 360 connects ticket issuers (parking operators, local authorities & tolls) directly to vehicle leasing companies to standardise, monitor and automate the process of transferring the liability for a ticket (PCN) to the vehicle hirer.

Ticket issuers check against Transfer360 when processing a ticket to a vehicle. If the vehicle is registered as lease or fleet owned, the hirer details are returned automatically. Allowing the first letter to be sent directly to the driver. The process avoids the need for a DVLA lookup, initial notice to keeper and manual liability processing. The system also reduces liability issues, brings forward cash flows and improves payment rates.


Jason Barbour.jpg

Jason Barbour

Managing Director,

Barbour Logic


Jason founded Barbour Logic. The company’s award-winning technology is used by 60 councils to respond to PCN queries from drivers.



Jason’s talk will focus on the disturbing fact that every year, 500,000 disadvantaged adults struggle to exercise their right to challenge their PCN – because their literacy skills are inadequate – and how to correct that injustice.



Winner of five innovation awards, Barbour Logic’s chatbots and letter-generators have transformed the way 60 councils respond to drivers’ PCN queries.


Caroline Hamilton.jpg

Caroline Hamilton

Chief Adjudicator,

Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Caroline Hamilton is a barrister,  called to the bar in 1989 at Middle Temple,  she practiced criminal and family law from Chambers in London. In 1996 Caroline was appointed as a part-time parking adjudicator at London’s  Parking Appeal Service and in 2000 she was appointed as a fee- paid First-Tier Tribunal Judge (immigration chamber). Caroline held the position of Chief Environment and Traffic Adjudicator at London Tribunals from 2010 to 2022 and in July 2022 Caroline was appointed Chief Adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.  The Traffic Penalty Tribunal adjudicators determine motorists’ appeals against parking and traffic penalty charge notices issued by local authorities and charging authorities in England (outside London) and Wales. 

Adam Bunce Latest.jpg

Adam Bunce


2020 Consultancy

Adam is an experienced transport professional with considerable technical expertise and project management in the fields of Traffic Engineering, Parking Services, and Active Travel. Adam has worked extensively in both local authority and consultancy environments across the country and has over 17 years’ experience including delivery of public sector programmes such as Active Travel Fund, and Transforming Cities Fund. Adam was project manager on the award winning 20mph scheme in Portsmouth, which was the first citywide 20mph scheme in the country. It was this experience that prompted him to setup the company, which has been successfully running since 2013.

Keth Kelly.jpg

Keith Kelly

Head of Partnerships, Enterprise Car Club

Keith is Enterprise Car Club’s Head of Partnerships.  He has worked in the Car Club sector since 2008 initially with City Car Club which was acquired by Enterprise in 2015.  He advises colleagues and council’s on how to establish, develop, grow and connect services like Car Clubs which provide an alternative to car ownership whilst promoting public/shared transport and active travel.


Anjna Patel MBE

Principal Officer Parking and Safer and Sustainable Travel,

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Anjna has worked tirelessly to change the public’s perception of parking and has brought recognition to the vital role parking officials play. Determination took her from Traffic Warden in the 1980s, to Principal Officer of Road Safety & Parking at Sandwell Council today, the first woman to hold this position.

Anjna set up the first Women in Parking group in 2012 and the British Parking Association was proud to appoint her as its President in the same year. She is currently chair of the BPA Board.


Anjna has a keen eye on the development of EVs with the unique perspective of a local authority parking provider ensuring her organisation provides the optimal charging infrastructure to serve the local community, now and in the future.


Alan Wood.jpg

Alan Wood

Strategic Account Director,


A multi award-winning industry specialist, Alan has worked in the enforcement sector for over 22 years, with a proven track record of achieving year on year growth and improved operational performance and an individual who does not settle for second best.

He has been leading on the persistent evader and nuisance vehicle issue for over 8 years, driven to establish the true state of our vehicle community and is determined to make a difference and make our roads a safer place. He has worked closely with representatives from national roads policing and encaged directly with government departments and stakeholders during this journey of discovery.


Steven Foster.jpg

Steven Foster

Parking Team Manager,

Newcastle City Council

As parking team manager, I have responsibility for the day to day parking enforcement operations across the city.  Event planning is something that we need to be involved with from the outset in order to understand the attendance levels and impact as well as understanding the areas that require an increased patrol presence.  I work closely with the event organisers to understand the parking needs of the event as well as the anticipated increase in traffic flow and how best to deploy officers to ensure that the area can remain as congestion free as possible.  Organising for events can involve frequent events, such as football matches, with an outline of a plan prepared to be built upon to support specific concerns, through to the organisation and implementation of new events such as having to facilitate parking for a re-routed Great North Run event.  The planning of events is critical to ensuring that the network is able to remain as congestion free as possible as well as being central to people attending the event.   


Shamala Evans.png

Shamala Evans-Gadgil

Senior Programme/Project Manager, Transport, Intrastructure and Innovation, Coventry City Council

Shamala is a 2nd year part time PGR within the Research Institute for Clean Growth and Future Mobility at Coventry University and is also an experienced Senior Civil Engineer and Programme/Project Manager, with a demonstrable track record of success in the design and implementation of challenging, complex and wide-ranging infrastructure projects. Her experience includes (1) Innovation projects in zero emission, electrification, battery storage and management;  (2) Local Transport Plans, including Network Efficiency projects and Waste Management projects; (3) Traffic Management, including traffic calming measures; (4) General roadworks, including road geometry; and (5) Regeneration, public realm and urban environment projects.

Dan Hubert.jpg

Dan Hubert

Founder & CEO,


Dan founded AppyWay in 2013 after being continually frustrated with the same bad parking experiences shared by most drivers across the UK. After extensive research, Dan realised that the analogue and siloed solutions within the parking and highways sector were the cause of the problem. His vision was to create a digitised, standardised and centralised platform uniting the public and private sectors with authoritative data. Nine years later AppyWay is the world's most awarded intelligent kerbside platform with a team of over 45 employees specialising in public sector SaaS and private sector data licence deals within the fleet and mobility sector. 

Sharon Silcock.jpg

Sharon Silcock

Head of Business Development,

Unity Five (ZatPark) Ltd

Sharon started her career in the parking industry back in 2011 when she worked as Sales Director for a company called Parking Scheme which provided a national tax saving scheme on work related parking. Her successful track record in terms of identifying sales opportunities, building effective client relationships and her knowledge of the parking industry led to senior roles in both Imperial and Taranto Systems. In her current role as Head of Business Development at Unity 5 (ZatPark) Sharon has secured several contracts in both the public and private sectors. Recent wins include Bolton Council, First Parking, RCP and East Kent NHS Trust.  

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